CareerBuilder: What You Can't Be

Online advertisement for CareerBuilder

"¡Que Gente, Mi Gente!"

I created the concept for this series of commercials, wrote a few jokes for them too. In 2015, this video was nominated for a midwest Emmy and also won a telly Award. 

For a collection of my commercial work, published articles, and online comedy writing click HERE. 

The Struggle Is Real


The Struggle Is Real is a weekly podcast for modern parents. Each episode, a panel of special experts dive into questions like: how do you you earn your child's trust? How do you teach them to value the truth? How do you handle when they want to leave your hotel business? 

Each episode features 3 comedy sketches (one linked below) that spur an always-rollicking discussion. I write sketches and produce the sketch recording for every episode. Listen HERE. 

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