"Rows of Roses" by Boo Baby (A Music Video)



Hayden and Christian are best friends.  That is, until Christian joins a support group slash cult; Hayden falls for a man on the verge of ending it all; and they both become tied to Wade Sawyer, the local cab driver whose disappearance is the subject of an oh-so-pesky podcast reporter.  The inhabitants of this small town claw for the right to defend themselves as they come to realize that identities and loyalties may bend and break depending on who’s telling your story.


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"White Walls, Dark Rooms" (A Feature Film)

"The t-rex thinks he can play the drums. Maybe he can, but he certainly can't set up the kit." 

White Walls, Dark Rooms was a student film of mine, which had all the sincerity of kids playing in a basement, and just about the same budget.

"A brand new style of movie making...sincere...hilarious...dare I say, genius!" raved the New York Fimes. 

Timbob and Santiago both play college baseball in their hometown of Factoryville, Pennsylvania. The arrival of Jean, a new transfer student, challenges the boys' friendship when Timbob starts hooking up with her as Santiago actually falls in love with her. While Timbob tries desperately to secure his role in the baseball team's championship momentum, Santiago enrolls in a photography class that Jean TAs where they both must impress the art darling Eliot Roman. Cataclysmic beer pong games, professors handing out joints, and bumblebee roommates all find their home in my debut feature comedy. 

The following promo features all the characters from the movie except Pipo Nguyen-Duy.  Trailer coming soon. Full cast list on IMDB


 © M.J. Robinson

© M.J. Robinson