For a collection of my commercial work, published articles, and online comedy writing click HERE. 

The Struggle Is Real


The Struggle Is Real is a weekly podcast for modern parents. Each episode, a panel of special experts dive into questions like: how do you you earn your child's trust? How do you teach them to value the truth? How do you handle when they want to leave your hotel business? 

Each episode features comedy sketches that spur an always-rollicking discussion. Listen HERE. 

"My Billions. Mine. " 

Premiering at the historic Lackawanna Radisson for the Scranton Fringe Festival, Billions is a solo live performance about a billionaire hosting his high school reunion. As he waits on a special guest, he treats his fellow classmates to a powerpoint about the world's billionaires and how he made his fortune. Local pizza is provided. Here's a small "Letter to the editor" I wrote for promotion published by NEPA Scene.  

"¡Que Gente, Mi Gente!"

I created the concept for this series of commercials, wrote a few jokes for them too. In 2015, this video was nominated for a midwest Emmy and also won a telly Award. 


"Death is a lifestyle."

In the Spring of 2012, my improv team, Primitive Streak, received an offer from Team Zebra Squad Alpha, a film group out of Ohio, to have a show built around us. They provided us with a loose set up: the technology for filming ghosts is now real. Primitive Streak acting as producers and writers then actualized this four episode mini-series. 

Here's a teaser trailer followed by episodes 1 and 2 of The Living End. 

Grandest Canyon

Videos I make in my spare time. Cuz, Christmas comes but once a year but so does everything else. 

The Howard Stern Show

While I wasn't quite a writer, I did provide research that became part of interviews. I learned from some of the world's best producers about how to conduct the best interviews possible. From Howard himself, I learned how to structure a great bit. Plus, I made Howard Stern laugh. High point.