How I Spent My Summer...Improv Playhouse

I've had the opportunity this summer to direct the film camp program at Improv Playhouse in Libertyville, IL. This job provided endless rewards, one of which is the movie I'm linking below. I was not given any structure other than that we had to "make some movies" which was great because it meant I could teach a class all my own. 

We had to make something from nothing, so I drew on my experience directing improv in college. This meant fostering specific ways of thinking: fearlessness in ideas, justification of craziness, A to C thinking. Picasso said that children are the real geniuses and he's right, they have the raw creativity buzzing around to make something truly unique and fiery. Rival food stands, a communist bully, a tomato being eaten by a pizza, the kids' ideas all came from such a fun part of the brain. All I asked was that they justify that crazy. The fun so often came from making it all make sense, giving it intent.  

We had limited resources so we used cardboard to make bees wings, bags to make hats, and paper and markers to make cop uniforms. This kind of resourcefulness gave each movie its own honest charm. Some of it made me really feel like a big kid again.

I taught 4 different classes at two week spurts. Here's one movie from my final class. The idea is that Trump hates Shrek so then the Church of Shrek,'ll see. The Lynchian dream sequence. Oh man. Enjoy!