Los Secretos de Santa Monica RECAP

Every time I get to do something like this, all I can think is how lucky I am to be doing it. 700 people? They oughta get me nervous, right? Truth is, it's hard for me to choke because I love this job so much. And when you're happy and your job is to be funny, it's all gravy. Steve Martin mentions in his memoir that his stand up years are where he "felt funny." I'm feeling like I'm at the beginning of those years, man. It feels great. 

That feeling can be a trap though. I've sat through plenty of comedy shows where nobody laughed, where instead everyone is just thinking, "Wow, this guy sure thinks he's funny." Personally, in comedy, I always remember the crowd is talking to me. When no one's reacting, I don't think, "They're wrong, I need no adjustment,"  I adjust.  

With Los Secretos, that adjustment was grounding my character's discomfort, listening to my scene partner, the wonderful Elsa Monroig, and letting my improvisations be about our relationship, not about me getting a cheap laugh. David Mamet says, "Every line is a character trying to get what they want." I just wanted to get to the Mayors house and find a girlfriend. All the best lines came from people seeing me struggle .

It all comes back to theory. Freud said we laugh because we feel superior. Latinos don't get to feel "superior" to gringos so often -  look at our current climate. I was a gringo who couldn't colonize. Sometimes in losing you win. That's comedy.