Robert Salazar
Robert Salazar



I was born in Scranton, Pennsylvania to two Southerners: one from Virginia and one from Perú. I spent high school drumming in bands and my senior year I played the Vans Warped Tour. I went to Oberlin College, where everyone gets passionate about something and for me it was comedy. I worked for two summers at the Howard Stern Show learning "the biz." After finishing my double major in Theater and Comparative American Studies, I moved to Chicago to act and write. I got a job with a local production company as a production coordinator that writes. Some of my work then got nominated for Midwest Emmys. One of those Emmys was for a Latino educational entertainment non-profit who cast me in their international radio novella and then their traveling theater show. They hired me at their office as their writer/creative producer guy and that's where I am now!

I was voted "Most Artistic" by my eighth grade class, but I understand if you don't trust their opinion. 



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