When I was 18 my big sister took me to a live taping of the Colbert Report. During a commercial break, they played "Holland, 1945" and this surprised me. I was excited to hear such an out there song surrounding the show and started bopping along. Colbert spotted me in the front row, and started mouthing the words with me. Here was my hero and me singing along. It was a cloud 9 moment. During the "And now we ride the circus wheel," part, he motioned an invisible wheel spinning, all while singing and maintaining eye contact with me, and then he went back to his preparation.

Welcome to my online portfolio/circus wheel. 

Quick facts: I'm a Virgo. I'm an Oberlin College graduate. Gray Talent Group represents my acting. Here's my resume and my favorite song right now. (last updated 11/05/16). 

Upcoming Shows: 

  • * October 8 - November 13...A history of Atari with "Merge" presented by The New Colony (Chicago, IL) 
  • * November 19...special preview of "Los Secretos de Santa Monica" at the Royal George Theater (Chicago, IL)
  • ªDecember 2...Boo Baby opening for TJ & Dave, Shrink Ray'd, and more! A Holiday Spectacular! (Chicago, IL) 

ªBoo Baby º Courtney ∞ Press * Robert Salazar (actor) 


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